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Arenazza farm

The Family Business..The history…
The family business Arenazza is born in a typical white masseria of the end of 1800s. In a side of the farm took place the bovin and sheep breeding and in the an other side there was the oil mill for the transformation of olives. Today the farm continues to cultivate olives and for about fifteen years also the cultivation and transformation of vegetables conserved in extra virgin olive oil.

People…genuine product
Since the first year the farm Arenazza has been run by Angelini’s family which today keeps alive the old traditions and recipes thanks of which the current owner of the farm Lucia Dalessio, Angelini’s wife, is reaching the success of its products. Together with other women of the family and her children the owner works for offer a product always more genuine and of great quality.

Business chooses
The farm run since the beginning some accurates chooses of working for a selected production by following the cycle of the seasons and for these reason for a product for few people. The raw material cultivated exclusively in open air with integrated system arrives very fresh to the laboratory.
The process of working is traditionally made in fact there only are some little machinery, but more importants are the experts hands of the women who take care of vegetables until the conservation in extra virgin olive oil.

The aim
The success of the products of the farm is thanks to the use of extra virgin olive oil of great quality.
The aim of the farm is precisely to ensure the track down of each product both for the oil and for the vegetables. Not only the result is an Italian product 100% but 100% of Puglia. Trough the direct selling the family business prefers a direct contact with his consumers who are always more careful of the quality of products and of its process of transformation.


Azienda Agricola Arenazza di Dalessio Lucia  - Via Arenazza 196 - 70043 Monopoli (Ba)

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